Tuesday, September 27, 2016

BB starts a mosaic club

tips from sept 15 meeting:


We decided to meet once a month from 4-6 om Thursday. Last Thursday of the month. Sept 27,  Oct 27. Time more amenable to cocktail hour.

Discussion today

Lois has made a large ball out of a 15" ball covered with Rigid Wrap Plaster Cloth from Michaels.

Barbara is having trouble getting the artichoke to stick to the top of McCrary's trophy. She is going to try James's favorite sculpting medium Durham Rock Hard Water Putty which she bought at Cottin's. We shall see if it sticks.


Deb talked to Lisa the new manager at the League who has a box of shards for us. When it's full it's $2. Barbara talked to her today and she said it wasn't full yet. Lisa said she has done mosaics. She's an artist and was an antique dealer. Very nice person.

Any other notes.

Topic- sculptural mediums. Has anybody ever incorporated fimo clay into a mosaic.

That Durham Rock Hard Water putty worked well to glue the artichoke to the trophy. You can sculpt with that too.

See ball attached with no grout that I see. I saw it on Julie Silbers facebook page.

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