Friday, December 2, 2016

Merikay saw these in Australia

Outside her airbnb in Sydney, Australia and public urinal and shower. Nice!

Merikay added:

Our response!!
Marcia: good way to be distracted...
Jerry Ledbetter: look at the floor! Is that floor really wet??

Kate saw these

At Anne Dillon's house in KCMO. These steps go to the second floor in their home.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

BB writes: In my continuing quest to write legible words in mosaics I have ordered a clay alphabet form.

Should work. You could put concrete or rock hard water putty in it maybe. Would sculpy baked be waterproof?

I think sculpy, when baked correctly is considered waterproof. We have some kid-art sculpy that has seemed to become brittle over the years and a little more dull. But looking at the wisdom on the internet, I guess the problem is that it was not baked long enough or at a high enough temp. (The opposite of what I thought.) I also thought that a sealer would have helped slow this aging, but I haven’t found anything to back that theory either.
Here is one site with info:
There are probably many more.
Looks like a fun mold!

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

BB starts a mosaic club

tips from sept 15 meeting:


We decided to meet once a month from 4-6 om Thursday. Last Thursday of the month. Sept 27,  Oct 27. Time more amenable to cocktail hour.

Discussion today

Lois has made a large ball out of a 15" ball covered with Rigid Wrap Plaster Cloth from Michaels.

Barbara is having trouble getting the artichoke to stick to the top of McCrary's trophy. She is going to try James's favorite sculpting medium Durham Rock Hard Water Putty which she bought at Cottin's. We shall see if it sticks.

Deb talked to Lisa the new manager at the League who has a box of shards for us. When it's full it's $2. Barbara talked to her today and she said it wasn't full yet. Lisa said she has done mosaics. She's an artist and was an antique dealer. Very nice person.

Any other notes.

Topic- sculptural mediums. Has anybody ever incorporated fimo clay into a mosaic.

That Durham Rock Hard Water putty worked well to glue the artichoke to the trophy. You can sculpt with that too.

See ball attached with no grout that I see. I saw it on Julie Silbers facebook page.

Monday, July 18, 2016

A Switchplate for Dad

It incorporates a broken Van Hee pin I got at a garage sale for 25 cents.

Very Mosaic Like

Carol sent these - very mosaic like, aren't they:

For the Percolator

I mosaiced a little birdhouse for the Percolator Dime Bag Sale. The bird house came from the Social Service League (Linda Frost found it). I just sat down with my shards box and it came together fairly quickly. It is very small - only 5 3/4" tall. Proceeds from the sale benefit the Percolator.

A Pot for a Dark Corner

Our front entryway is a bit dark. I put a philodendrum out there this summer and it's hard to see.

SO - i needed a pot that would show up and here it is. I worked with a clay pot from the what not shop that cost 50 cents.

A detail shot or two - i love it.

Monday, June 6, 2016

Bishop's Ranch Pots

For Georgann

I promised Georgann a pot for her 75th birthday. Here it is. the base was a garage sale find, very smooth with a silver rim ... She collects all sorts of things for me at garage sales.

For Jerrye

Jerrye Van Leer has given me several beautiful plates. This one was so cool she needed a pot made from it. This plate came from Japan - she chipped it.

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Switchplate for Dad

Includes Van Hee pin found at Diane Low's garage sale

New Shelf!

New shelf from Target

work table and broken piece storage
Thanks to Jan Nitcher for the name of this blog, intended to capture images of my mosaics, many of which I intend to give away ...